My favorite quote

My all time favorite quote,which reminds me of another quote "You don't need a reason to help others".


Thoughts:#3-Your Thoughts matters..

Don't say something just because you think your answer would hurt them Sometimes all they expect for is just your answer, Just what you THINK... Life is so simple, its people who complicate things.   P.S.: Like it or comment or just feel the words.

Thoughts:#1- The Unspoken Words

Having 300 friends on Facebook, 500 followers on Instagram or Twitter, doesn't matter, when there is no one by your side to share your real stories... P.S. : Like or comment or just feel the words..


PASSION-A very strong thing.Very hard to find, but once found it will drive you crazy. Welllll, its driving me crazy but I am not sure if I would reach where  I wanna go. I guess I will find out when the time comes.